Ultra Visible Reflective Collar Cover

Too many happy walks end each year in tragedy with a car accident. Roads are all around us, but dogs just don't always understand why they need to be careful around them. That's why it's so important to make sure that drivers can see your dog as easily and quickly as they need to in order to prevent an accident.

Our Reflective Collar Cover is the perfect solution.  It works with your dog's existing collar to provide a simple and effective flash of high-visibility orange that drivers are universally trained to watch for on the road, while genuine 3m reflective striping ensures that your dog can be seen in any light condition.

This collar cover is made in the USA of highly durable 10 mile cloth, to protect your pooch through hundreds of walks!


This product is shipped via FedEx. Shipping times are 5-7 business days to customers in the United States.