Princess Dog Jacket


To celebrate reaching 500,000 customers, we're giving away our Princess Dog Jacket for a limited time to dog lovers worldwide!


Is your puppy a princess?  Show her off to the world with this designer dog jacket.  This outfit features a "throne" emblem and the word "Princess" proudly stenciled across a solid pink background.  It's really cute!

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Appropriate for spring, summer and fall
  • Suitable for small and mid-sized dogs (see sizing chart below)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Size     Back length      Bust                 Neck

XS      18cm / 7”          31cm / 12”       20cm / 8”

S         24cm / 9.5”      37cm / 14.5”    25cm / 10”

M        29cm / 11”       43cm / 17”       28cm / 11”

L         36cm / 14”       46cm / 18”       36cm / 14”


How To Get One: Simply click on theAdd to Cart button above and tell us where to send yours! Giveaway open to all (not just current customers) while supplies last. Limited stock.

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