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Paw Imprint and Photo Frame

Create a one-of-a-kind memento of your furry best friend!šŸ¶šŸ’ž
This two-sided frame is truly unique. The right side holds a beautiful photo of your pup šŸ“·, while the left side displays an imprint of their pawĀ šŸ¾thatā€™s simple to make using the included easy-dry clay. No extra supplies are needed!

  • 100% pet-safe clay that air-dries to a smooth, hardened finish Ā Ā 
  • No mixing and no mess!
  • Material: wood, pet-safe clay, and inkpad
  • Length: 25cm x 17cm x 5cm; 9.8in x 6.7in x 2in
  • The perfect decoration for your home, office, or beach house

    Due to high order volume,Ā please allow Ā 2-3 weeks for delivery. All orders are trackable via USPS or your country's national shipping courier (Royal Post, Canada Post, Australia Post, etc).

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