Orange Soft Mesh Pet Harnesses


Thousands of dogs are injured every year by the pressure their collars place on their throats when they pull too hard on their leashes, leading to problems with breathing and swallowing.  Worse yet, these serious injuries often go undiagnosed.

Our Soft Mesh Dog Harness was designed to give your dog the high quality support they need!💓💓 Whether you're out for a walk, or hooking your dog to the seat belt to keep them safe on a car ride, a quality harness allows you to leash them up at the backnot their neck!— and redistributes the pressure to better protect their long-term neck and back health. 🐶

An adjustable belly strap ensures a comfy fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and it's sooo easy to put on your dog - just slip it over their head, fasten the snap buckle, and clip your leash to the convenient metal d-ring.

Our Soft Mesh Harnesses are made in the USA of high quality, sturdy nylon that holds up to the strongest pullers, and is super easy to clean.


  • Designed for ultimate comfort
  • Made of thick, breathable, stain-resistant nylon mesh
  • Double-stitched at the seams for maximum durability
  • Made in the USA
  • Easily slips over the dog's head, and snaps closed with just one buckle
  • D-ring leash attachment on the back


 --Our Soft Mesh Harness ships via USPS Mail or FedEx. Typical shipping times are 4-7 business days to customers in the United States, and 7-14 days for international customers.


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