Oxford Fabric Back Seat Protector


How do you keep your back seat clean when you take your pooch for a drive? What if they're wet or dirty?

Introducing Dog Pawty's Oxford Fabric Back Seat Protector, our high quality back seat protector for your car! Made from Oxford fabric, which is heavily resistant to wear and tear, it also has a PVC waterproof coating to keep it, your car, and your dog clean and dry. 

Protect your car. Designed to keep your car impeccable -- with no muddy footprints, hair clumps, or soaking seat cushions.

Easy to clean. With a waterproof PVC exterior, it couldn't be easier to clean.

Multi-purpose. Just unhook it from your car and use it as a picnic mat! 

Product Size: 56 x 49' - 152 x 143 cms

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