EZ Catch Flying Disc

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Frisbee is a classic game beloved by dogs. But those hard plastic discs don't hold up very well under their teeth, and when they miss a catch, you can hear the thunk from across the park!

Check out our EZ Catch Flying Disc, the throwing disc designed specially for playing with your pup.  It's the last throw toy your dog will ever need!

This non-toxic natural rubber disc is extremely durable and designed to resist punctures, but velvety soft and gentle on your dog's muzzle for an easy catch and super-satisfying chew. 

It's light enough to throw easily, but balanced to fly further and truer than a traditional plastic frisbee - and it floats, making it the perfect toy for those summer days by the beach or pool!

Best of all, contoured ridges built into the surface of the toy actually clean your dog's teeth while they play, for a winning smile!


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