Puppy Einstein IQ Treat Ball


Build your dog’s 🐶 IQ while they play! This totally unique toy will sharpen your dog’s brain and keep them stimulated 💭. Here’s how it works: put your dog’s favorite dry food in the grooves of this eco-friendly, non-toxic ball. Then watch them work to get it out as they chew on the ball. Their brain will be boosted while they learn!

(And trust us...they’ll continue to love 💕 this toy evenafterthey get better at getting the food out. Our dogs 🐕 could play with this ball forever. )


  • Made of eco-friendly and 100% non-toxic material
  • Durable and bite-resistant, this is a chewable toy thatlasts
  • Available in two sizes to better fit your dog: Small (5 cm) and Medium (7 cm)
  • Your pup will love this toy!
  • Makes a great gift for the other dog owners in your life   
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Due to high order volume, please allow2-3 weeks for delivery. All orders are trackable via USPS or your country's national shipping courier (Royal Post, Canada Post, Australia Post, etc).

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