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Doggy Necktie


To celebrate reaching 500,000 customers, we're giving away our best-selling Doggy Necktie (normally $21.99) for a limited time! 


If you’re bringing your pooch 🐶 to a wedding, party, or fancy event 🥂🎉, make sure they’re dressed for the occasion! ;) This doggy necktie will make your pooch look very sharp, and also very adorable👌.

It’s attached to an adjustable collar designed to fit comfortably around your pooch’s neck.

They’ll look so good, you’ll want to dress them up every day! 😍💞 

  • Available in two classy patterns: white and blue, and red and black
  • Fully adjustable to your dog’s neck (up to 39 cm circumference)  
  • Perfect for fancy occasions, or fancy days at home! :)  
  • Makes a great gift
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


How To Get One: Simply click on the  Add to Cart button above and tell us where to send yours!  Giveaway open to all while supplies last. Due to high demand and variable shipping times for this much-loved product, please allow several weeks for delivery.


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