“Cooling Touch” Dog Bandana


This bandana is one of our coolest products - quite literally!  And it's a must for those hot summer days! 🙌

Just soak it in water💦 and the patented “Cooling Touch” fabric will instantly become cool. Or, put it in the freezer for ten minutes ⏱ to make it even cooler. Your dog will feel refreshed andwaymore comfortable walking outdoors in hot weather when they have this around their neck.  🐶💞😎

  • Made of patented “Cooling Touch” fabric
  • Does not contain chemicals, polymer materials, or glues
  • Soft, non-irritating, natural fibers that your dog can wear everyday
  • Lightweight, thin, breathable, and comfortable!
  • Easy to slip on over your ordinary leash and collar
  • Comes in Small, Medium, and Large sizes


Due to high order volume, please allow2-3 weeks for delivery. All orders are trackable via USPS or your country's national shipping courier (Royal Post, Canada Post, Australia Post, etc).

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