Comfy Quilted Applique Dog Bed

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At Dog Pawty, we don't think any dog deserves to sleep on the floor!  That can't be comfy!!

Our super comfortable new Quilted Applique Gusseted Bed offers the height of cozy, soft luxury for your pooch! 

This plush bed is filled with high quality, extra soft polyester fibers that will stay soft and snuggly.  What's more, these fibers are seeded with cedar chips for a lovely scent that lasts!

And for you, this bed's expertly detailed hand-quilted patches and fun colors provide a warm, homey complement to any decor.

This gusseted bed features a fully removable zippered cover for extremely easy cleaning - just unzip the cover, remove the cushion insert, and throw the cover into the washing machine!

36" L x 27" W x 3" H
This product is shipped via FedEx. Shipping times are 5-7 business days to customers in the United States.