Our New Partner in Dog Health

Dog Pawty is proud to announce our partnership with Canine Sciences!

Canine Sciences is a leading developer of nutritional products for dogs, and a very impressive organization.  Their mission is to help dogs everywhere live healthy, happy lives… and they have assembled a team of top-notch veterinarians to create the first full-spectrum canine nutritional supplement on the market.

Check out this video for more information about why Canine Sciences does what they do.

As part of our partnership, Canine Sciences will be sponsoring a series of newsletters bringing you the latest information on dog health and nutrition.  If you're not already signed up for our newsletters, you can do so here!

Canine Sciences is also offering a special discount on Radiant Canine, their flagship nutritional product, for Dog Pawty customers!  For more information on how Radiant Canine can change your dog's life (and about the amazing deal they're offering), click here.