Heavy-Duty Dog Life Jacket™


Are you aware of the risks your dog faces when swimming? Tiredness or strong currents can pose a serious risk to your pooch when enjoying a romp in the water. That's why we always recommend that fellow dog owners ensure their pup's safety with a high-quality life jacket. 

Introducing our Heavy-Duty Dog Life Jacket™, designed to keep your dog safe. High quality, light weight, and produced with Oxford cloth and breathable mesh cloth. Very comfortable for your dog and built to keep them afloat. Try out our Heavy-Duty Dog Life Jacket™ and see why so many of our customers love these!



XS: Chest: 30cm - 40cm/11.81" - 15.75" , Neck: 17cm - 25cm/6.69" - 9.84", Length: 20cm/7.87" (Approx.)      

S: Chest: 41cm - 48cm/16.14" - 18.90", Neck: 30cm - 38cm/11.81" - 14.96", Length: 25cm/9.84" (Approx.)      

M: Chest: 50cm - 58cm/19.69" - 22.83", Neck: 30cm - 43cm/11.81" - 16.93" , Length: 30cm/11.81" (Approx.)    

L: Chest: 55cm - 70cm/21.65" - 27.56", Neck: 38cm - 48cm/4.96" - 18.90", Length: 35cm/13.78" (Approx.) 


Due to high order volume, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. All orders are trackable via USPS or your country's national shipping courier (Royal Post, Canada Post, Australia Post, etc).

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