Healthy Home-Cooked Meals for your Dog

Have you ever cooked a special meal, just for your special dog? 

Eating is probably one of your dog's favorite things to do, right? 

But unlike us, most dogs eat the same things day in, day out...  and usually they eat food out of a can, box, or bag -- which is definitely not as tasty (or as healthy) as eating something made fresh in your kitchen!

Dog Pawty is excited to introduce Healthy Home-Cooked Meals for your Dog!

This super fun cookbook came straight from the kitchen of renowned veterinarian and author Dr. Edward Tuk, who - with the enthusiastic help of his own dogs - has carefully crafted a variety of simple, healthy, and easy-to-prepare meals using ingredients you can find at your local supermarket.

Your dog is guaranteed to love these tasty, nutritious dishes - from the first whiff she smells as you're making them, to the last morsel she cleans off her plate!

And, we bet you'll love making them for your furry best friend. ❤️🐾

Fun for you, healthy for your dog... and less expensive than buying commercial dog food of anywhere close to the same quality!

The recipe book is in standard PDF format for easy reading on your mobile phone, computer, Mac, tablet, or other device... so as soon as you complete your purchase, you can start cooking!


How To Get The Book: Simply click on the Add to Cart button above, then click on Checkout and continue with the checkout process.  After you have completed the checkout, you will receive an email confirmation of your order, with a link to the book.  You (and your dog) will love it!

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