Flavorit Peanut Butter Bone

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Dogs chew for a lot of reasons: boredom, hunger, curiosity.  It's built into their instincts and is part of how they interact with and understand the world around them.  A good, hard chew also helps them to keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh.  That's why every dog needs plenty of safe, sturdy stuff to chew on!

Now introducing the Flavorit Peanut Butter Bone, the perfect chew for any dog!  These fun bone-shaped chew toys are made right here in the USA, out of extremely durable nylon which is free of any BPAs and phthalates, and are specially designed for even the most aggressive chewers.  We are sure that your dog will absolutely love it!!

These chews are infused with a tantalizing food-grade peanut butter flavor that is bound to appeal to any dog, and the innovative design includes tiny pockets you can spread with extra peanut butter, or any other creamy snack your dog loves, without adding a lot of calories.  You can even try covering it with some doggie toothpaste to make your dog's dental routine fun and easy!

The neat no-mess concave design ensures easy cleanup, and best of all, this toy is fully dishwasher safe.

This awesome toy is available in several dimensions for pups of all shapes and sizes! 

  • 100% nylon
  • No mess concave design
  • Fill flavor cells with dogs favorite spreadable treat
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quality First: Made in USA with FDA compliant nylon, BPA & phthalate free
  • Innovative Design: Fill the tiny pockets with your dog's favorite spread for a low calorie treat
  • Flavor Infused: Even with no spread, the food-grade flavor infused in the bone is droolworthy on its own
  • Durable: Provides extended hours of chewing pleasure for your aggressive chewers
  • Mess-Free: Easily cleaned with a stiff brush & is dishwasher-safe
  • Size Guide: Small for dogs up to 15 lbs., Medium up to 30 lbs., Large up to 50 lbs., XLarge over 50 lbs.
  • Healthy Choice: Satisfies dogs natural urge to chew while freshening up the breath, caring for the teeth, & keeping from boredom