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(Photo: Defensa Civil Bahia Blanca)

When Argentinian man Jesus Hueche adopted a homeless dog, he could never have guessed how loyal his new companion would turn out to be. Jesus fed the cute mutt, named him Tony, and gave him tons of scratches and love. The two grew closer as the dog got comfortable in his new home. 

One day, Jesus was pruning a tree outside his house when he fell from the branches onto the concrete sidewalk below. He was hurt, but he wasn't alone. Tony ran to his side and lay on his chest to comfort him until the ambulance arrived. Tony continued to hug Jesus as the paramedics fitted him with a neck brace. And as Jesus was loaded into the ambulance, Tony tried to jump in too! He didn't want to leave his beloved owner.  

Luckily, the story ended happily. Jesus quickly recovered from his injuries and returned home to his relieved pup. And photos of the dog's sweet reaction to his owner's injury went viral on social media.

"For me he's like a son," Jesus told a local news outlet. You can tell from these photos that Tony feels the same way!


(Photo: Defensa Civil Bahia Blanca)

(Photo: Defensa Civil Bahia Blanca)

(Photo: Defensa Civil Bahia Blanca)


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